July 30, 2010

Baby Boot Camp

Boot Camp...should be called booty camp. Can I just send my "behind" and come pick it up when it is smaller? That seems to be the place where all my baby weight is going. Ugh!

This was at 32 weeks pregnant. Brandi and I have been enjoying (if you can really call in enjoyable) working out together. Baby Boot Camp is amazing! Don't get too worried, I work out hard, just like I always have, but I don't run, jump or twist. So baby is just fine and probably enjoys the movement.
Brandi is on her post baby wieght loss routine.

She kinda kicks butt!

We work our entire body using weights, bands, our own body weight, and the parks/beaches near by.

I attempt to do all the excersices. Usually I can handle them all, even pregnant, sometimes I move a little slower now that I am far along...

But every once in a while I get slowed down by my side kick...

Noah loves to copy all our moves. He is the one kid who would rather play with the weights and the moms than the park and other kids.

With a smile like that, I don't really mind if he hangs by my side forever!

So for now my big, pregnant, almost to the finish line, body will continue to enjoy Baby Boot Camp with my wonderful sissy and niece for as long as I make it. Then I'll be back 6 weeks postpartum!

This picture is kinda a dream come true...more than kind of, really truly!

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  1. Wow Lindsday, you and Brandi look great in the pictures. I'm glad they turned out good and I'm happy you are enjoying the classes :).

    Great post!