July 6, 2010

July 4th Festivities

This Fourth of July was very eventful. My great friend Jodie (who is expecting a baby girl this October and who's hubby was also working this 4th) and her son Porter met us at our house to walk down to Main St. and watch the parade. The boys were so funny, they waved their flags saying "hurray" over and over. Noah LOVED all the horses. Whenever some walked by he would stand up, say horsey and lift a leg as if he wanted to get up for a ride. Ha ha!  After posing for a photo, (with many failed attempts to get smiles out of the boys) we walked back and headed to Auntie B and Uncle B's House.

Aren't they beautiful girls? Uncle B is a very blessed man!

Much of the time spent was in the pool. Noah and Porter both are water babies. They could live in it. They have very little fear of the water. At least the shallow end! Noah was showing us how he blows bubbles.

When Porter and Noah get together they play really well. Often their "play" involves copying one another. Here Noah decided it would be fun to run and jump into the pool, head first. Porter must have thought it looked like a blast!

If was quite entertaining for all the adults too!

Unfortunately the party had to end at nap time (for the boys I mean). So after a little crying to stay in the water longer, we made it home for nap time. Jodie and I enjoyed some adult conversation and relaxation on the couch while our little, big, boys rested.

Too quickly they were awake, Jodie and Porter headed off to the fire station, and Noah and I bundled up for Grammy and Grampy's house.

Noah hasn't learned to pronounce the letter G well yet. So he is learning what to call Grampy. He often mixes it up with Pop-pop, but he'll get it soon enough. The greatest part of Grampy is how patient he is with Noah and how he will always walk wherever Noah takes him. Even when Grampy is tired or when the game is on. I think it is the only interruption Grampy allows during his sports games!


Grammy aka "Nummy". We thank her for passing those beautiful baby blues down the line!

Grammy and Grampy always make amazing food. So after two full bellies and lots and LOTS of play time with the family, Noah and I headed home for some shut eye.

But not before Nana MARCHED him to the car for me.


He has been a marching ever since. 
It is slow moving...but I can always hear where he is in our house.


  1. Love it!! Noah looks so much older with his hair cut :) Those blue eyes really are awesome!!

  2. It was a definitely a fun day! Thanks for having us and thank Brandi too! BTW, Noah looks like such a big boy in that cute beanie. I love it!