December 18, 2011

Family Photos

 We won a photo shoot in Carona Del Mar in December...perfect timing for Christmas Card photos!
 This is one of my favorite family shots

 This my favorite couples shot with my LOVE!

 Noah and Dean both have funny expressions. Ha ha!

Such is our life. All smiles. Lots of fun.

December 16, 2011

Christmas Program

 Noah performed in his first Preschool Christmas Program titled, 
"Who's Coming to our House?"
I can't even tell you how much joy we got out of this event.

 To the children, this was a huge affair. They prepared for weeks, dressed to impress, followed their teachers' every cue and used their best manners. Truly, the children may have enjoyed it, but to the parents, I can't explain...I was so proud of Noah. So so proud!

 Noah sang "Away in a Manger" and he shouted it!  He also did all the hand motions he was taught. That is part of what makes a preschool parent so proud. That their baby is growing up, a little, but enough to be taught something, remember it, perform it, and along with that he enjoyed it and was proud of himself. These little songs and gestures are examples of what will some day be biology tests and swim meets or whatever our children decide to do and be part of.

Deep into his singing and motions, LOVE IT!

 This one is when Noah finally noticed mom and dad watching. How cute is that face?

 All who joined for the evening (minus Aunti B, Uncle B and Hunter who must have ran home for bed time)
This face says, "I did it!"
One thing our pediatrician tell us, is, that during these beginning years it is most important to impress upon our children that they are the coolest thing in the world, that they matter to us, that they have no worries and just need to play and have fun. I think this night made Noah feel all those things!

December 8, 2011

Hunter Rose

 I love this little girl
She will be kept on a short, tight leash once she reaches her teenage years, yep!

December 6, 2011