May 22, 2010

Where have we been?

You may have thought I quit blogging, or maybe have been to sick? Nope, pregnancy has been great the last couple weeks, and so has the family.

Really great!


May 9, 2010

Look what Noah learned!

Happy Mother's Day

I am so often told I am like her,
I don't mind at all...she is pretty amazing!

The men (minus my HOT hubby) cooked the women/moms breakfast today. Noah loves eggs. Even with veggies mixed in...but he especially loves the ones off of Nana's plate!

I thought, lets get a photo of my sweet, calm son and I for Mother's Day


Oh well, we tried.

Of course we all wanted time with the new bundle of JOY. Noah and Hunter did some relaxing together.

Uncle Stephen had a turn

Hunter has Mommy's long legs and long fingers!

 Aunti Stephanie was able to get Hunter to wake up, open her eyes and look around for a long time!


 She is so beautiful, it is hard to control the number of photos I take

But then, why do I need to limit the number?

Hunter Rose, 11 days old


Brandi's First MOTHER'S DAY!

May 8, 2010

We LOVE the Beach!

Summer is the best time of year. 
And it feels like summer around here!

This Mother's Day weekend started out with a Saturday morning at the Beach.
It was warm, sunny, not too crouded and full of fun!

Kim and Jared met us. Noah and Jared had a blast together running up and down the berm and playing in the sand with the sand toys (thanks Uncle Bob for the toys!). It was wonderful because it allowed us moms to sit, relax and just watch. 

Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Stephen came down.
They brought lots of energy and Banana Cabana! Yummy!

What to do with this? It looks like a spoon.

Eat up Deten! (uncle Stephen)

Deten is really good with the sand toys


May 6, 2010

Noah , Hunter, and Confusion

Noah: "Baby!"

ME: "Yes, honey, this is HUNTER"

Noah (rubbing Anti B's belly): "Baby!"

Me (pointing to Anti B's belly): "No baby"
Me (pointing to Hunter): "Baby, baby HUNTER"

Anti B interrupts with a tickle fest

Noah: "baby, Muuuuaaah!"

We all clap, even though we all know Noah has no clue what we are trying to explain to him. He thinks everyone from Grandpa McCoy to Daddy to Mommy and probably everyone else...has a baby in their belly.

But for now he understands that Hunter is a baby. He knows how to say her name, his own name, and he knows how to SAY "NICE" but not always how to BE gentle, which is what we are trying to teach him when we say "BE NICE"

Our family is growing so fast, a new generation is here!

May 3, 2010

5 Days Old

My niece Hunter is 5 days old. She is perfect in every way.

You may be wondering why there are no photos of Noah and Hunter together. There are no children allowed in the hospital with the newborns unless they are siblings. And the last two days , sadly, Noah was running a little fever. Nothing too bad, and no other symptoms of anything, but why chance it with a newborn! So, though Noah has been running around the yard all day helping daddy rake leaves and weed (screaming and making a mess), he hasn't had an opportunity to cuddle with his cousin. 

You better believe I'll have photos of them together in no time though!

We love you Hunter!