May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I am so often told I am like her,
I don't mind at all...she is pretty amazing!

The men (minus my HOT hubby) cooked the women/moms breakfast today. Noah loves eggs. Even with veggies mixed in...but he especially loves the ones off of Nana's plate!

I thought, lets get a photo of my sweet, calm son and I for Mother's Day


Oh well, we tried.

Of course we all wanted time with the new bundle of JOY. Noah and Hunter did some relaxing together.

Uncle Stephen had a turn

Hunter has Mommy's long legs and long fingers!

 Aunti Stephanie was able to get Hunter to wake up, open her eyes and look around for a long time!


 She is so beautiful, it is hard to control the number of photos I take

But then, why do I need to limit the number?

Hunter Rose, 11 days old


Brandi's First MOTHER'S DAY!

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