September 29, 2011


 Just in case you thought otherwise...

 ...sliders can be made Paleo.
And, they are GOOD! Darn Good!

*mini Portobello Mushrooms

September 22, 2011

Well Check

 Dean had to get a shot, so sad, so dramatic

 Noah was a polar bear in his cave, the entire time, until Dr. Shannon "woke" the bear

 We tried taking our diaper off

 He read his stats

The Polar Bear Reads

Both the boys, 1 and 3, are healthy as can be!

September 20, 2011

Back to School Night

 From our view sitting here

We could read this

 We love learning what goes on inside Noah's brilliant mind!

Do you remember your first bike?

 Mine wasn't red, it may not have even been "new" (since I have an older sister), but it felt new and it seemed big!

Giving Noah his first bike, first one with petals, first one he will eventually ride without training was quite nostalgic.

He was nervous.
He needed some time to figure things out.

He wanted to inspect all the bells and whistles.

He became proud.

They became friends.

Little does he know, they have a promising future together. One boasting of fun, speed, wind, falls, crashes and learning.

Happy 3rd Birthday Noah!

September 17, 2011

♥ L O V E ♥

7 years ago today I married the one I LOVE

He might be a little crazy, a little bit of everything I never knew I wanted and NEEDED

 But, 7 years later, I LOVE the one I married!


Our wedding was a whirlwind. We planned it in 6 weeks. Why? Well, we couldn't wait. Who knows why, it just felt like we shouldn't wait to get married. And we didn't want too.  It was so exciting and neither of us have much patience, so, how hard would it be to plan an entire wedding for almost 300 people in a few weeks?

Honestly, it wasn't hard at all. Once we found the location, everything fell into place. My best friend Kim had just gotten married, so I used her DJ, her photographer, her (MY SISTER) hair stylist, and the dress...the FIRST one I tried on. DONE.
Easy Peasy...want me to plan yours? 

Everyone said, "try to really live the moment." and "It feels like a dream and it will be remembered as one if you don't really try to be present and focus on what is going on at your wedding"
...It feels like a dream.
It all happened so fast. 
And I mean the night its self, I remember it, but why couldn't it have lasted a week?

It was romantic 

It was intimate, even in a large setting, still felt private

 It was Celebratory

Eric and I shared the most amazing moments...

while the guests PARTIED ON!

My parents

Eric 's parents

Oh Ritter, you gave me too many photos to choose from

The Bride had some fun too this picture brings back a memory. I swear, every picture taken outside has Eric squinting. EVERY PICTURE. Even still today, EVERY PICTURE. I remember telling the photographer that I loved this photo, but can you crop out his head and replace it with one where he isn't squinitng? Ha ha! I was serious. So here is the funny part. Seven years later, two kids, two mini Erics, both with the lightest, most beautiful baby blue eyes..the boys have this problem too. Blue eyed people are just more sensitive to the sun. My eyes are light, but not that light. So, I guess I have gotten my payback for complaining. He is still cute though!

Eric's favorite picture of me. (don't I look like a teenager?)

This picture makes me laugh because we look so young!

 Its amazing how much can happen in 7 years. If I listed every place we have traveled, every goal reached, every hill climbed (literally and figuratively speaking), every milestone hit, it would take more time than any of you or I have to read. All I can say is that I wouldn't want to do any of it with out my LOVE. Eric, you are everything I ever wanted, everything I need, everything God had planned for me, for us, you are my best friend. I look forward to a great 8th year of marriage and many many years to come.

Thank you for being my man, for being a great example, a better father than I could have imagined and for loving our Lord in a way that makes our family stronger. God knows we made the right choice. 

I love you!

September 15, 2011

Evening Ride

We tend to get antsy before dinner. Sometimes we just play in the yard while Mom cooks, sometimes Dad will direct all that energy towards practicing baseball, soccer, hockey or playing cowboy. Other days, when Mom has everything together (meaning dinner is either left overs or finishing cooking on its own, in the oven or crockpot) then we, as a family get out and see the world neighborhood. Its a fun adventure!

 We are very serious riders!

We ride to the park to play in the sand

We take a moment to smile at Mom, who has the camera because she "has it all together today"

We play Pirates with Dad

Very serious Pirates

We learn to play together, gently... kind of...

...even when this sweet, little guy is the BIG GREEN DRAGON!
tiny, chubby hands and all, he might get you!
(I love how amongst all the screams from Noah to show how "scary" Dean the BIG GREEN DRAGON is, Dean has no reaction and goes about his park adventure as if there is no one else around.

We hide in the castle and stay safe from that BIG SCARY GREEN DRAGON!

And on the way back home we set up for a race.
(Dad is still in character)

Some day you will understand Dean. For now, just enjoy the free ride son!

September 9, 2011

1st Day of Preschool

 Noah is getting so big! This amazing kid is constantly reminding me how fast time flies by. He is going to be 3 years old in just a couple weeks, YIKES! This September he started preschool at Pierside Preschool. It is the new name for the old Early Childhood Developmental Center at FCCHB, our home church. We love the new school. It is beautiful, creative, full of fun and exciting things to do, learn and play with and it is so encouraging to see how committed the teachers are to fostering independence, spiritual growth and creativity. Exactly what we want for our children!

 The first day of school was a BIG deal. Noah has been preparing for this day for a long time. Its been three months now that he has been talking about preschool, waking up and asking if today is the day he gets to meet his teacher, and picking out which of his three backpacks he would bring. 
He decided to take his firedog backpack that a good friend gave him for his 1st birthday.

We had quite the showing for his first day. 
Nana was there, Aunti B and Hunter came to see him off along with Daddy and I.

Noah and Hunter. 
Look at Noah's sweet little smirk and Hunter's adorable dress!

 Thumbs up for a fabulous first day!

I will admit, I was nervous for Noah. I struggled for a long time about where to send him to preschool, and also whether to send him or homeschool him. After visiting many schools, reading all over the internet, looking into different programs and talking with Eric, we decided not only was sending him to school the right decision for us (including him) but that Pierside was the best fit for him. After meeting Mrs. Newton a week before class started, it was imidiately clear we made the right choice. Noah loves it! He loves the kids, he loves his teacher and she loves him too! Every day Noah comes home telling me all the new things he learned. The first day he had an accident while playing (nothing a dry pair of shorts couldn't fix). At first I was worried he was sad or acting out, or angry, but very quickly I realized he was having so much fun he couldn't stop to go potty. That was the only time so far he had an accident, though I wouldn't be surprised if it happens again. 

My heart misses him for the short three hours he is gone. I love my big boy. I don't want to be separated, even for that short time. Though, I know it is such a great lesson for us all. He needs to learn some VERY SMALL steps of independance, learning and listening from another authority figure, playing and sharing with other children, structure, schedules, and some creative crafts that I am not so good at doing at home. I am trying though!  I am sure I will have many posts in the future featuring his creative masterpieces! 
Stay tuned!