September 17, 2011

♥ L O V E ♥

7 years ago today I married the one I LOVE

He might be a little crazy, a little bit of everything I never knew I wanted and NEEDED

 But, 7 years later, I LOVE the one I married!


Our wedding was a whirlwind. We planned it in 6 weeks. Why? Well, we couldn't wait. Who knows why, it just felt like we shouldn't wait to get married. And we didn't want too.  It was so exciting and neither of us have much patience, so, how hard would it be to plan an entire wedding for almost 300 people in a few weeks?

Honestly, it wasn't hard at all. Once we found the location, everything fell into place. My best friend Kim had just gotten married, so I used her DJ, her photographer, her (MY SISTER) hair stylist, and the dress...the FIRST one I tried on. DONE.
Easy Peasy...want me to plan yours? 

Everyone said, "try to really live the moment." and "It feels like a dream and it will be remembered as one if you don't really try to be present and focus on what is going on at your wedding"
...It feels like a dream.
It all happened so fast. 
And I mean the night its self, I remember it, but why couldn't it have lasted a week?

It was romantic 

It was intimate, even in a large setting, still felt private

 It was Celebratory

Eric and I shared the most amazing moments...

while the guests PARTIED ON!

My parents

Eric 's parents

Oh Ritter, you gave me too many photos to choose from

The Bride had some fun too this picture brings back a memory. I swear, every picture taken outside has Eric squinting. EVERY PICTURE. Even still today, EVERY PICTURE. I remember telling the photographer that I loved this photo, but can you crop out his head and replace it with one where he isn't squinitng? Ha ha! I was serious. So here is the funny part. Seven years later, two kids, two mini Erics, both with the lightest, most beautiful baby blue eyes..the boys have this problem too. Blue eyed people are just more sensitive to the sun. My eyes are light, but not that light. So, I guess I have gotten my payback for complaining. He is still cute though!

Eric's favorite picture of me. (don't I look like a teenager?)

This picture makes me laugh because we look so young!

 Its amazing how much can happen in 7 years. If I listed every place we have traveled, every goal reached, every hill climbed (literally and figuratively speaking), every milestone hit, it would take more time than any of you or I have to read. All I can say is that I wouldn't want to do any of it with out my LOVE. Eric, you are everything I ever wanted, everything I need, everything God had planned for me, for us, you are my best friend. I look forward to a great 8th year of marriage and many many years to come.

Thank you for being my man, for being a great example, a better father than I could have imagined and for loving our Lord in a way that makes our family stronger. God knows we made the right choice. 

I love you!

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