February 21, 2010

Winter days...and the livin's easy

Just another Summer Winter Day in California

The Future Seggie's came with us for a short trip to the Harbor for some sand play and a paddle. Amber walked Noah down to the water (only so that he didn't RUN IN!). He would have. Though Noah is a lover of anything water, he still has to get used to the sand. Or, at least when it gets in his hands and toes.

It amazes me how calm Noah is when out in the middle of the harbor, on just a paddle board. Then again, he is never as happy or content as when he is with his Daddy.

 The wind picked up so we got Noah dry and handed him a bucket and shovel. That smile shows just how excited he was when he noticed daddy coming back from a long paddle. 

And then he realized he had sand on his hands. Oh boy...he needs to get used to this!

February 20, 2010

Always something new at Disneyland

Noah and Sophia went to Disneyland

Noah was such a Character 
(no pun intended...he is completely freaked out by the actual Disney Characters)

That morning was rough for me. I threw up just after taking my medicine, that made for a nice taste in my throat for the entire afternoon. I just knew we had to get out of the house. We both were so happy we did. The afternoon was sunny, warm, beautiful and full of fun with our friends! I constantly had a drink in hand to dilute the bad taste.


For the first time, we took the kids to Toon Town. Why have we not done this sooner? That place is full of buttons, doors, windows, sounds, lights...all kid friendly. Of course, us moms love to have our kids entertained and learn at the same time.


Many Cause-and-Effect exercises! 

Noah was fascinated at the sounds that came from "down below" in the sewer.

One thing I noticed that is changing about Noah is his independence. My super clingy, always wanting to be held, Mama's Boy wanted to just roam free. He would try to sneak away and didn't care if he ended up at someone's lunch table, holding onto another parents leg or if I was even in sight. 

This could be bad!

Sophia sweetly says "Hewow"...      Noah sings "Hiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyy"

Toon Town has a kiddie Park!

You know, Noah walks...
...even when he should crawl.

Isn't it funny how he noticed the music, then played a song for us?

Before we left we had sandwiches for lunch. 
Sophia was very, Ahem, persistent in asking do drink mommy's water.

Noah practiced his modeling (and ate everything including the crayons)
The day was a success. 
Though we learned that 1 1/2 yr olds can't make it until 1:30 without a nap. 
We tried hard and learned hard...we will leave earlier next trip!


"Please mom...stop taking pictures!"

Anyone notice the scratch (I edited out in some photos) Noah has on his nose? 
Poor guy fell into the corner of the couch.  Bad couch!

February 19, 2010

Try...try again

I give up. You want to feed yourself?

Fine...try it out love.

Did any make it in your tummy?

February 10, 2010

How to know when your toddler is sick


 Won't take his thumb out of his mouth

Takes to lying on the floor over playing outside

can't find Noah

my usually rambunctious toddler (BOY!)...

...no where to be found...

...I find him
On his bedroom floor.
Poor baby. His Bronchiolitis moved to his ear!


If you remember some of Noah's quirks HERE. You will remember that he loves to play with his koozie. Today, all on his own, he figured out what it was good for.

Keeping milk cold, of COURSE!

February 6, 2010

Struggling...but surviving.

The last three weeks have been really rough for Mommy McCoy. It began early this pregnancy, at 5 weeks 5 days. Almost every day I spend a few hours with my head over the toilet. Oh the joy of baby making!

Besides my baby making skills, we have had a little scare with Noah. He contracted RSV, a virus that attacks the bronchioles and other parts of the airway. It is contracted usually by being around someone with a cold...as it causes a head cold in adults. Noah came down with Bronchiolitis and had to have breathing treatments to open his airways. Honestly, there was one bad day when he had problems breathing and we had to rush him to the Doctor. But with the breathing treatments he was acting normal by the very nest day. So the hardest part wasn't actually his sickness, it was giving him the treatments. The first two he fought with all his strength, he screamed, cried, shook, squirmed...etc. But by the third treatment, he gave up. It was almost worse seeing him lay there limp. He just didn't want to fight anymore. Each treatment got better and now he even holds the mask himself.

Today is the third day of fighting a migraine. I have refused to take Vicodin or Maxalt, though I am almost giving in. It is so hard to juggle my sanity, the risks to the baby, caring for Noah and taking REALLY good care of my loving husband. I don't see how I can put any of those things before the other. So it is a daily struggle to find ways to make everyone happy, spare my feelings for theirs, to take even one of my pre-natal vitamins, and fight for just a few hours of freedom from nausia and vamiting. Eveyone has given me suggestions, but nothing has really worked. Reglan gives me headaches, Zofran works "sometimes" and all the side effects (thankfully for me and none to the baby) are almost as hard to deal with as the symptoms. 

I guess my point in writing this is so that eveyone knows why I havn't been posting recently, to vent a little, and to ask for your prayers. I know GOD is GOOD. I know God is GOOD...ALL the time. Sometimes it is hard to see him in all this. But I know GOD hears and answers prayer so please pray the sickness goes away soon and doesn't last the entire pregnancy! PLEASE!

On a positive note, the GOOD days bring such joy and I try to have fun as often as I feel capeable. My friends Lisa and Courtney took our kids to Disneyland last Wednesday. It was such a great day with no crowds and lots of fun to be had. We'd never gone to the petting zoo before and the kids really liked it!


If you ever wondered what happens to the Thanksgiving Day Turkey that the President pardons each year...
...that Turkey goes to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!