February 20, 2010

Always something new at Disneyland

Noah and Sophia went to Disneyland

Noah was such a Character 
(no pun intended...he is completely freaked out by the actual Disney Characters)

That morning was rough for me. I threw up just after taking my medicine, that made for a nice taste in my throat for the entire afternoon. I just knew we had to get out of the house. We both were so happy we did. The afternoon was sunny, warm, beautiful and full of fun with our friends! I constantly had a drink in hand to dilute the bad taste.


For the first time, we took the kids to Toon Town. Why have we not done this sooner? That place is full of buttons, doors, windows, sounds, lights...all kid friendly. Of course, us moms love to have our kids entertained and learn at the same time.


Many Cause-and-Effect exercises! 

Noah was fascinated at the sounds that came from "down below" in the sewer.

One thing I noticed that is changing about Noah is his independence. My super clingy, always wanting to be held, Mama's Boy wanted to just roam free. He would try to sneak away and didn't care if he ended up at someone's lunch table, holding onto another parents leg or if I was even in sight. 

This could be bad!

Sophia sweetly says "Hewow"...      Noah sings "Hiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyy"

Toon Town has a kiddie Park!

You know, Noah walks...
...even when he should crawl.

Isn't it funny how he noticed the music, then played a song for us?

Before we left we had sandwiches for lunch. 
Sophia was very, Ahem, persistent in asking do drink mommy's water.

Noah practiced his modeling (and ate everything including the crayons)
The day was a success. 
Though we learned that 1 1/2 yr olds can't make it until 1:30 without a nap. 
We tried hard and learned hard...we will leave earlier next trip!


"Please mom...stop taking pictures!"

Anyone notice the scratch (I edited out in some photos) Noah has on his nose? 
Poor guy fell into the corner of the couch.  Bad couch!


  1. The picture in the hat is awesome!

  2. I hope you can make an "on-going" book about Noah's life...........I'd be the first one to PURCHASE it!!!!! Noah, NaNa LOVES you this BIG!!!! <3<3

    Love NaNa!!

  3. Okay, I simply must get your new lens! These pics are great!

  4. Oh...and I guess you will have to teach me to use my camera...and a photo editing program:)

  5. I love the picture of Noah standing in the tunnel :)