February 21, 2010

Winter days...and the livin's easy

Just another Summer Winter Day in California

The Future Seggie's came with us for a short trip to the Harbor for some sand play and a paddle. Amber walked Noah down to the water (only so that he didn't RUN IN!). He would have. Though Noah is a lover of anything water, he still has to get used to the sand. Or, at least when it gets in his hands and toes.

It amazes me how calm Noah is when out in the middle of the harbor, on just a paddle board. Then again, he is never as happy or content as when he is with his Daddy.

 The wind picked up so we got Noah dry and handed him a bucket and shovel. That smile shows just how excited he was when he noticed daddy coming back from a long paddle. 

And then he realized he had sand on his hands. Oh boy...he needs to get used to this!