March 10, 2010

San Diego: The New Children's Museum

While on our mini family vacation to San Diego we made a trip to the New Children's Museum in Down Town San Diego. Noah was a little young for the museum so we stuck to the few things he could enjoy.

This colorful play house is soft and can be painted by all the visiting children. (thankfully we were to early for the painting lesson!) That would have been a fun mess that I'm not ready for. There's probably nothing better for an 18 month old then to be let free. Noah ran around, in and out, up and down the ramps of this house, and the entire time we heard the sweet sound of his giggle. Something Eric and I could listen to for ever.


Anything that bounces is fun!

Bubbles, though, are a must. 
We can't decide if it is playing with water or making bubbles that makes this boy smile.

Probably both.

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