March 12, 2010

San Diego: Sea World

 We loved our hotel. When Eric heard I booked us at a Best Western he didn't have the most excited first reaction. But once we arrived he understood. It was beautiful. We stayed at the Casa Del Mar in a suite (you know you can get more for less at a Best Western!). It was right on the harbor, across from a kiddie park and we LOVED taking a walk along the docks.

The first full day we had in San Diego, and the only sunny day, we went to Sea World. What a great place for kids...of all ages. Eric and I love it too!

The Bat Reys made Noah a little nervous. 
So we did a lot of Oooooh's and Ahhhhh's
  And a little pointing to calm the nerves

Noah really liked walking in the Arctic Zone

Polar Bears

more Ooooooh's

and many smiles!

We felt the ice

And we were happy to know Southwest gives their LOVE

The Sesame Street Play Ground was a nice change of pace.
It gave Noah a chance to run, bounce and ride.

The end of the day we saw the SHAMU SHOW!  

The moment the show started Noah looked like this...
 ...and this is what he looked like when the show ended 20 min later.

Little man LOVED SHAMU!

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