March 14, 2010

Not a baby anymore!

We decided the shaggy hair had to go. I know some of you are sad...but really? Is this not the most adorable face you've ever seen? I think the new style is a fun change for our little man. It kinda fits into his new stage. Noah is talking like it is saving his life. He truly has a word for almost everything. Not that it is clearly understandable or correct, but he copies what you say and repeats everything. It is THAT time when we have to be very careful what we say. Thankfully we aren't the types to say many four letter words, or use God's name in vain, but it is amazing still how many "adult" words come out of our mouths, tv and the radio. Noah is quite the listener and I am sure I'll soon be blogging about what he is repeating. So with all the growing up he has done in the last few weeks we decided a BIG BOY hair cut was necessary.

Do you think he looks like a kid now? Not a baby? Or is it just me?

Of course I have to prove that he really loves his Aunty Brandi. 
We won't be visiting Rainbow Kids in the near again future.

Not that Rainbow Kids is BAD, its just that no one is as loving, gentile, fun and sensitive as Aunti Brandi. 
This face is crying out for you BO!


  1. Yeah it is!!! Noah, dont let your mommy take you anywhere else again! I know you didnt get all of the kisses and snuggles you get ALL HAIRCUT LONG when your with me!!!! But he is still super handsome with his 'big boy' look!

  2. Yeah.....he definitely wants his Auntie Brandi!! <3
    Love, NaNa