June 30, 2010


Excited a little?

We were blessed with Disneyland passes for Christmas 2009.  Since we already have been pass holders, we have explored and conquered much of the park(s).  Well, that is what I thought. It seams that each time we meet friends they do things differently.  This makes us try new rides, new shows, new food, new everything. I have to admit, I am a HUGE fan of DISNEYLAND.  It isn't that I like everything about it, I can think of a few things that can be annoying or frustrating. Overall, though, Disney knows how to entertain, and we take full advantage!

This trip was an evening with Nana and Pop-pop.

Noah convinced both Nana and Pop-pop to ride the Choo-Choo, one of his favorite rides.


We all went for a boat ride. "Booot!" Noah says. 
It was extremely entertaining for Noah and extremely HOT for me...at least we were able to sit. 
(I don't sound 7 months pregnant at all)

Can you find them?

 Barely amongst the colors, Noah rides the "horsey" as many times as we can stand. Literally.


 "Dada!" Noah screams 
"Hewoow, Dada!"

You'd think he was being tortured...
nope, Nana just went too far away and he wants to be chased through Toon Town again. 

June 28, 2010

Mother's Beach

 Friday we met some friends at Mother's Beach.
As we quickly learned, there are a few Mother's Beaches in the area. Many of the mom's went to different beaches searching for our group. Now we know to be much more specific. This trip was to the "Mother's Beach" in Long Beach. 

 Splashing, kicking and rolling in the water. The cold water didn't phase this little man.

 Grayson and Noah both were very protective over the Boats.

 Macy kept running along the waters edge saying she was faster. It was adorable.

Is she not the sweetest thing?

 Can't be up to anything good



June 24, 2010

This Week (and its not over yet)

Another adventure at Disneyland

I don't remember the last time our week was so packed. 

This week I accomplished:
Work, Disneyland, TONS of laundry, Work, Frog's Bounce House, two blog posts, Work, Disneyland again, 27 week Dr appointment, Hair appointment, two trips to the park with Noah and Duke, A nap (for Noah) everyday, Four homemade dinners and lunches, an overhaul on our budget and budgeting paperwork, more work, bills, cleaning three rooms of the house, book club meeting, and prenatal yoga. 

I won't tell you all the things I wanted to accomplish but DIDN'T,
there are too many to list and plus, I am proud of the list above anyways.

June 21, 2010

I don't know EXACTLY what it is about this picture, but I LOVE it!

Maybe its because it is a picture of my hubby playing with our son? Maybe because of how the light emphasizes the his sexy muscle toned arms, white teeth and big smile? It is obvious that he is in his favorite environment (water). It is also clear by his expression that he was having fun and is happy. This photo tells me a lot.

What it doesn't tell you is how amazing the man in this photo is.

So let me just tell you...there is no other man who is more. 

Thank you my love, for always pushing yourself to do more, be better, work harder, love well, live happily, lead our family, care for others, provide, earn respect, follow our Lord, and to be the very best father and husband possible.

Happy Father's Day!

We love you more than you will ever know.

June 20, 2010

River Fun

My boys are two of a kind. They love the water, they love boats, but most of all, 
they really LOVE eachother!

First time tube'n, he cried until the boat started to move. 
Wouldn't that be the time to start being affraid? 
I guess it depends on who is driving.

Floating and adjusting to the cold water
This kid cracks me up. 

This little man melts my heart.

Jumping, Jumping as Noah says for hours and hours. 
He loves to jump to Daddy and go under water.

I just love to take photos of my little dude...who isn't so little.

June 13, 2010

25 1/2 weeks!

Feeling huge, but still shaking my stuff on the dance floor at our friends wedding. I made sure there were no photos of the actual "shaking". Our little guy is growing fast, moving like crazy and still, YES STILL, making mommy very sick. These days vomit is just the new sneeze or yawn. Oh well, its all going to be worth it!

So our baby boy is officially:
An Eggplant!

PS: For those who think I am small...you don't want to see what my black (black over all on purpose) sweater is hiding. Baby weight doesn't just show up in the front. Eric always said I had a badonkadonk, geeze it sure is one now!

June 11, 2010

Swim Lessons

Noah began private swim lessons. Let me tell you, this boy LOVES water! He loves jumping, diving, floating, blowing bubbles, you  name it...with his mommy and daddy. But when it came to private lessons as apposed to the group lessons he's been used to, we had a rough start. 

The first two lessons he cried mama the entire time. The third lesson he cried for only five minutes, but wasn't too active. By the fourth lesson he didn't cry (once in the water) at all. He is beginning to bond with Coach Megan and we both appreciate the clean, warm, salt water pool and her gentle approach with Noah. She is really tough on other kids, but its nice to see she can take it slow with my fearful little guy.

Speaking of LITTLE. Noah really isn't so little these days but when you put him in the water he just looks like a baby to me. I kinda love that. Here is a pic of him floating, he usually relaxes and stretches out, but here he looks like a chubby newborn all curled up. Ha ha!

By the end of the lesson Noah is exhausted. Can't you see it in his eyes?

I guess it is nap time too. 
I am thankful for the 3-4 hour naps that Noah gave me all week!

June 4, 2010

Making memories

Brandi and I had a moment a couple weeks ago. 
One of those moments we had been dreaming of our whole lives. 

The moment:
Each pushing our own stoller down by the beach with our two little kids. 

We enjoyed our first lunch out with Hunter and soaked up the Southern California SUNSHINE!

PS: Yes this is the best picture I could get from my little stinker No No Bean. Argh!

June 2, 2010

Zoomar's Farm

Noah was quite afraid of the Goats,

so we just dumped our veggie tray instead of hand feeding them.

I can't say he liked the rabbits and ginneapigs any more than the goats.

I think these little guys are scary too Noah!

Sofia and Noah liked the dirty goat house. 

They liked the Turkey.

All the kids liked the Pony ride.

This little man loves himself a slide!

But more than anything...

...even though it started off scary...

the train ride was the HIT!

Seriously, too cute!

So even though we know the Rabbits and Goats are, Ahem, SCARY! Noah will make another appearance at the farm in the near future. I mean a 4 hour nap is worth the trip down south!

June 1, 2010