June 30, 2010


Excited a little?

We were blessed with Disneyland passes for Christmas 2009.  Since we already have been pass holders, we have explored and conquered much of the park(s).  Well, that is what I thought. It seams that each time we meet friends they do things differently.  This makes us try new rides, new shows, new food, new everything. I have to admit, I am a HUGE fan of DISNEYLAND.  It isn't that I like everything about it, I can think of a few things that can be annoying or frustrating. Overall, though, Disney knows how to entertain, and we take full advantage!

This trip was an evening with Nana and Pop-pop.

Noah convinced both Nana and Pop-pop to ride the Choo-Choo, one of his favorite rides.


We all went for a boat ride. "Booot!" Noah says. 
It was extremely entertaining for Noah and extremely HOT for me...at least we were able to sit. 
(I don't sound 7 months pregnant at all)

Can you find them?

 Barely amongst the colors, Noah rides the "horsey" as many times as we can stand. Literally.


 "Dada!" Noah screams 
"Hewoow, Dada!"

You'd think he was being tortured...
nope, Nana just went too far away and he wants to be chased through Toon Town again. 

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