June 11, 2010

Swim Lessons

Noah began private swim lessons. Let me tell you, this boy LOVES water! He loves jumping, diving, floating, blowing bubbles, you  name it...with his mommy and daddy. But when it came to private lessons as apposed to the group lessons he's been used to, we had a rough start. 

The first two lessons he cried mama the entire time. The third lesson he cried for only five minutes, but wasn't too active. By the fourth lesson he didn't cry (once in the water) at all. He is beginning to bond with Coach Megan and we both appreciate the clean, warm, salt water pool and her gentle approach with Noah. She is really tough on other kids, but its nice to see she can take it slow with my fearful little guy.

Speaking of LITTLE. Noah really isn't so little these days but when you put him in the water he just looks like a baby to me. I kinda love that. Here is a pic of him floating, he usually relaxes and stretches out, but here he looks like a chubby newborn all curled up. Ha ha!

By the end of the lesson Noah is exhausted. Can't you see it in his eyes?

I guess it is nap time too. 
I am thankful for the 3-4 hour naps that Noah gave me all week!

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