September 15, 2011

Evening Ride

We tend to get antsy before dinner. Sometimes we just play in the yard while Mom cooks, sometimes Dad will direct all that energy towards practicing baseball, soccer, hockey or playing cowboy. Other days, when Mom has everything together (meaning dinner is either left overs or finishing cooking on its own, in the oven or crockpot) then we, as a family get out and see the world neighborhood. Its a fun adventure!

 We are very serious riders!

We ride to the park to play in the sand

We take a moment to smile at Mom, who has the camera because she "has it all together today"

We play Pirates with Dad

Very serious Pirates

We learn to play together, gently... kind of...

...even when this sweet, little guy is the BIG GREEN DRAGON!
tiny, chubby hands and all, he might get you!
(I love how amongst all the screams from Noah to show how "scary" Dean the BIG GREEN DRAGON is, Dean has no reaction and goes about his park adventure as if there is no one else around.

We hide in the castle and stay safe from that BIG SCARY GREEN DRAGON!

And on the way back home we set up for a race.
(Dad is still in character)

Some day you will understand Dean. For now, just enjoy the free ride son!

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  1. Love Dean's bike seat all the parents in Hawaii had their kids in these this summer and road them to school it was so cute to see! Noah is quite the lil strider pro I can see! Yeah