May 6, 2010

Noah , Hunter, and Confusion

Noah: "Baby!"

ME: "Yes, honey, this is HUNTER"

Noah (rubbing Anti B's belly): "Baby!"

Me (pointing to Anti B's belly): "No baby"
Me (pointing to Hunter): "Baby, baby HUNTER"

Anti B interrupts with a tickle fest

Noah: "baby, Muuuuaaah!"

We all clap, even though we all know Noah has no clue what we are trying to explain to him. He thinks everyone from Grandpa McCoy to Daddy to Mommy and probably everyone else...has a baby in their belly.

But for now he understands that Hunter is a baby. He knows how to say her name, his own name, and he knows how to SAY "NICE" but not always how to BE gentle, which is what we are trying to teach him when we say "BE NICE"

Our family is growing so fast, a new generation is here!

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  1. These are so beautiful! Baby Hunter is just gorgeous..and so is big boy Noah, of course!