May 8, 2010

We LOVE the Beach!

Summer is the best time of year. 
And it feels like summer around here!

This Mother's Day weekend started out with a Saturday morning at the Beach.
It was warm, sunny, not too crouded and full of fun!

Kim and Jared met us. Noah and Jared had a blast together running up and down the berm and playing in the sand with the sand toys (thanks Uncle Bob for the toys!). It was wonderful because it allowed us moms to sit, relax and just watch. 

Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Stephen came down.
They brought lots of energy and Banana Cabana! Yummy!

What to do with this? It looks like a spoon.

Eat up Deten! (uncle Stephen)

Deten is really good with the sand toys



  1. Love it!! We'll be at the beach tomorrow for a mother's day picnic:)

  2. Happy day at the beach!!!! If we didn't have SO many errands to do today, we would have joined all of you! LOVED the awesome pictures!! <3 Mom!