July 28, 2010

Beach, Bonfire, Breeze, Brrrrrrrrr and Bonding

 The lovely Aunt Stephanie

Noah and I met some family and friends at the beach for a bonfire. It is amazing how cold and windy it can be the last week of July, thankfully we came prepared. Over the last week it has been great to see Noah bond with Aunt Stephanie. Noah seems to take a little longer to build a bond with females. At the beach, however, he relaxed and enjoyed some play with Aunt Stephanie and even asked her to play with him (a very big step for Noah!). She is such a patient and loving Aunt. She is very good with watching his reactions and his understanding of things. It shows how she really tries to make sure he is enjoying whatever they are doing. In this particular case, there was a ball involved...so he was having a blast!

The timing couldn't have been better because only a couple days later Aunt Stephanie watched Noah for the evening while Eric and I went out. From what I'm told the night was full of fun, play and NO CRYING or asking for Mommy/Daddy! 

It's always a bonus to get some time with Pop-pop. Hopefully the next beach day will be warm!

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  1. Love the Lid pic. Whenever you have a post with lids in them, send them my way! I would love to put up a link on FB and twitter if that's ok?