July 29, 2010

Disneyland Visit

What could Noah be so excited about?

...something so exciting that it made him scream and shout...

...wave his hands high saying "Hurray!"

...made him stop eating his beloved peas!

...It gave Kelsey a huge smile...

Any guesses?

Mickey Mouse of course!

At 11am everyday many of the Disney characters walk out of the castle led by the Disneyland Band. They do a few dances for the anxiously awaiting audience and Mickey Mouse is the center of the attention. These three kiddos got front row stroller parking and LOVED IT!

 With great big smiles we headed to the Jungle Cruise.
You can only immagine the fun animals, water features, sounds and sights this ride offers to a two year old. 


 Not to mention we ride a BOAT!

The entire trip was a great success, like always. Even with the two newest of Noah's friends in tow, we all enjoyed the time together!

 Baby Ruby
Baby Caleb


  1. I want to go! :) looks like you guys had a BLAST! i can almost hear Noah yelling out for Mickey :)

  2. Ok so I am convinced, we are getting Disneyland passes!!! Count us in for the next excursion!

  3. So adorable!! Ruby looks just like Alice :) I wish we had passes :(