July 21, 2010

Favorite Big Bear Moment

Actually, it was a series of moments involving Noah and Hunter.  They bonded.

Noah learned to play with Hunter.
He showed her how to do things like play and be happy in the pool.

They are learning about eachother.

Hunter Rose is a VERY happy baby. Noah told us all day long.

"Hu-der hAappy!"

Then he would repeat "hAappy?" like he was asking her

Noah wants to touch, kiss and hug Hunter all the time...we let him.

Noah has a special "baby voice" he uses to talk to Hunter. It completely melts my heart and I swear to you all that I will capture it on video. I could listen to his sweet, calm, but squeeky tone all day long. 

I think it means he really, truly knows she is SPECIAL and LOVES her!
She is a little slice of Heaven, God took just a little more care when he made her.


  1. so precious!!! You and Brandi have the most beautiful and sweet children!!

  2. Just LOVE those precious little faces! Dear Lord, thank you for giving us so many wonderful blessings in our lives! We can't thank you enough!! :) Nana and PopPop Bayer

  3. You have a beautiful family. This made my eyes water. I pray everyday for patience patience patience for both myself and my son. :)