July 23, 2010

Big Bear Activities

I don't believe there is anything more enjoyable then watching my Husband play with our Son. No matter what activity they partake in Noah always smiles, always tries to tell me about it over and over again (even when I watched the entire time), and always wants to do it again!

Since I was almost 32 weeks pregnant, Eric kept Noah busy during our vacation so I could relax a little. Besides the many trips they took on the Stand Up Paddle board...

...they spent time on Auntie B's Kayak...

...and played in the spa.





And lots of HUGS!
There is nothing more sexy than an involved father, who really, truly, has fun with his family!
And the best part about my husband being so extremely hands on...

...mom finds time for play too!

Eric turned 30 while we were up in Big Bear, so I surprised him by having one of his best friends visit for a day. Nick, Jodie and Porter Fasullo came up and took advantage of the warm water and 86 degree weather! The Fasullo's are big fans of surf boards, paddle boards and everything water too.

The always so BEAUTIFUL Jodie spent some alone time fishing and soaking in the sun.

Porter practiced his surfing

and Nick hung out on the dock with the boys for a while.

We are so blessed to have them in our lives.
Nick and Jodie are so much fun and Porter is a very good kid who always sets a great example for Noah.
Friends like the Fasullo's are hard to come by!

Friends and Family, that's what we are trying to enjoy in our life. 
Thankfully its easy since our family is pretty darn AMAZING!

Auntie B, Uncle B and Hunter in a stunning family moment. And then Auntie B took Hunter in the spa for Hunters very first time. Hunter loved the warm water and it was a sweet moment for the two of them.

My amazing mother, "Nana". She is very patient with Noah and is a big goof and completely silly when they play.

Noah and Nana spent a lot of time in the waster together.

Noah and Hunter got more then their share of cuddles and hugs from Nana.

Nana also kept track of busy Noah while on the boat so I could grab a RARE chance to tan my rather large pregnant back side.

Pilot, Nana and Pop-pop's Golden Retriever, is such a sweet and well trained dog. He cautiously watched as Pop-pop jumped off the boat and floated in the water. Pilot was making sure no rescues were needed.

My boy, nothing like this sweet one!

I love this photo of Nana. She is a very beautiful grandmother of two who still has loooong thin legs to show off, a perfect white smile, and is very caring and loving to us all.

Noah had a blast with the Doritos, something he hadn't discovered until this trip.

The Doritos and the EMPTY beer can. Apparently the can is one very exciting toy because he practically threw a full blown temper tantrum when he had to give it up.

Unfortunately Stephen and Stephanie (My brother and sister-in-law) were only able to come for a day. I guess it was the day I didn't take photos...I feel aweful about it, but They are just as important as every other member of this family. We love them SO SO SO!

BONUS: Doesn't every almost two year old LOVE sunglasses?

This one does!

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