April 11, 2010

Wedding Getaway

Brandi and Bryan

These two are so happy and very much in love. Brandi is due to have her baby (boy or girl???) in just a couple weeks. Not only can she rock her bridesmaid dress, flaunt here super cute baby belly (all belly), and dance all night (literally) on the dance floor...but she also stole kisses from Hubby all night long.

It was very sweet.

Date nights are always fun, but a whole night away is the BEST! Congratulations Summer and Danny, your wedding was amazing and we had a blast! 

Sunday morning we had breakfast at the 101 Coffee House and sat across for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. That made for an fun end to our Hollywood escapades.

And in case you were wondering...these are the only two pictures I took (or had taken of us). I was just too busy having fun. But I kinda wish I had a photo of the bride and groom!

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