April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

This is the first Easter since Noah started walking so we decided to meet some friends at Central Park for the Easter Egg hunt. Really, they just pick up pieces of candy and none of the kids seamed to miss the plastic eggs. Noah found a spot free of crowds, picked up all the candy around his feet and then stood there wondering what was next. I guess it didn't keep him entertained for too long. But is was cute to see all the little kids running around...none of them quite sure what they were doing or why they were doing it.

In Daddy's arms is where Noah is most comfortable

You know the Fire Dept would be in our Easter! The guys brought an Engine and an Ambulance out to the park for all the kids to enjoy. They even  had Mr. Incredible, a duck, and Sparky the Dalmatian to entertain.

Alice, Isaac and Noah

Nana and Noah after the Easter Egg Hunt

Pop-pop and Noah after the Hunt...noticing the Ducks in the pond


Where did those Ducks go? 
 I ask Noah, "how does a duck go?" 
Noah answers, "duck, duck!"

Trying to get Noah to leave the dock was hard. Ducks are a very BIG deal you know.
We made it through our first EASTER EGG HUNT!

After Central Park, we went to Eric's parent's house for an Easter Brunch. It was so yummy it was lunch and dinner too! Almost all the family was there and Noah is starting to enjoy his cousins, Nick and Zach more and more.

Some gifts from the Easter Bunny and family

The final hunt of the day was with REAL eggs. Noah really enjoyed this hunt. We kept re-hiding the eggs and he didn't seem to notice and kept running all over the place.

I'd say he did pretty well!

Next year we will begin making Easter about what it REALLY is about. The fact that our Savior is risen. It is going to be a challenge to make the Easter story fun and relevant for a child, but that is what our job as parents is all about. We have to raise him to love the Lord and teach him about Jesus. So I am off tomorrow to buy some Easter Sale items. I can't wait to see Noah get more and more involved in these special holidays!

Bonus: Cool Kid
Like father, Like Son

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