April 10, 2010

Being a KID

I see grown-ups every day
Who've forgotten how to play
Dried up and lied up
They really should be tied up
For spreading doom and gloom that way
 If they ever knew how to have fun
They're not going to tell anyone
I don't want to be like them
So this is what I've done
This is my song about being a kid
So I can remember the things that I did
When I'm old and respectable
And uncorrectable
I'll remember being a kid
I need to play, every day
Or the kid within me withers away
I need to run, have some fun
Before my serious mysterious days are done

So, this is my song about being a child
When the going gets heavy
Or the world gets too wild
When you're getting crazy
I'm fresh as a daisy
'Cause I'll remember being a kid
Yes, I'll remember being a kid!