April 30, 2010

Meeting Hunter Rose

This little angel is my Neice. She is two days old. 
She is perfect, beautiful, sweet, cuddly and a very good learner!

Mommy is teaching her all sorts of things, but most important is how to breastfeed. Though we have some breathtaking photos of her skills, I won't be sharing them with the internet world. What I can say is that her mother, my amazing sister Brandi, is such a calm, loving teacher and Hunter Rose is learning quickly and enjoying her proud parents' love!

Those of us who could be there (though many others wanted to) waited anxiously for Hunter's arrival.
It felt like FOREVER before we heard the great news:

We waited with video and still cameras ready

The proud grandmother's enjoying the birthing photos from Bryan

Nana and Pop-pop have their first GRANDDAUGHTER!

I am in love!

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