April 9, 2010

Park Play

Our son LOVES the park, any park. As long as he gets to run and explore. 
And, as long as you don't make him sit in a swing.

Noah isn't much of a climber. It is actually something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Many of his little buddies climb like monkeys. They can get up and over anything (most the time without help). Noah though, he takes his time, just going up the stairs takes him a while.  I can see how he has more trouble with his little legs than other kids. It seems like they get stuck under him more often and Noah knows this. He won't do certain things because he gets stuck or trips easily. I wonder if that is because he was a "late" walker (15 months). Or if it is because he has had loose joints (which caused him to walk later). Maybe because of these things his legs are still gaining strength. He definitely steers clear of all the ladders, which makes my time at the park much easier! 


Well, no matter the reason, it is fun to watch him push himself. To see him learning and growing. He makes it anywhere he wants to go.

Noah has a girlfriend.
Actually, he has a few...
But don't tell them!

I think SOFIA is his favorite

She loves to
Noah isn't so sure about all that

This sand ended up in the rolled cuffs of his pants. Then in his crib after nap time.
LESSON LEARNED: wear pants that fit at the park

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  1. HA! Loved this Lindsay! My Gavin seems to be the same way as far as the legs getting stuckunder him and just being clumsy! He was a last walker too!!! Actually both of my boys were about 15 months when they walked. Gavin is still slower than other kids his age (4) when it comes to running around. He does things at his own pace and no one rushes him...I kind of LOVE that about him! Greg (7 year old)....he is a speed racer and never sits still. COMPLETE OPPOSITES...amazing how different they are!!!