November 11, 2009

Noah's Quirks

Can you list some of the items stuffed in this toy?

I see: 3 balls, (two appropriate for the toy),socks, a magnet train, two blocks, and a drum stick used to shove all these items down. What you can't the dog food that is under the drum stick. May I add, half chewed dog food. Yep. That's right. My son and my dog share their food.

I guess this means he is all done eating the cheese?

Noah LOVES cars! He also LOVES to say Wooooah!

Someone needs a haircut! Thank goodness he likes wearing hats.

If ever I can't find something...I look out the dogie door first.

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  1. Like the new blog. You'll have to tell me your thoughts on changing it.

    PS I have added something to my blog, just for you!