November 10, 2009

22 reasons I blog

There are too many reasons to blog. People ask me why I do it, some just laugh, while others can talk your ear off about their favorite bloggers for days. (kinda like scrapbooking...we have all been there. You know what I mean. You get sucked in! Then it either sticks, you get bored or you make something of it.)

Is it the experience? Is it self satisfying? Is it for your readers? is it work or is it play?

Everyone has a reason. Including me. I wish I could come up with a "good", "round" number...oh well, 22 is it!

22 Reasons I blog:
  1. It’s a chance to play and experiment
  2. It is my time life and my scrapbook
  3. It improves my writing
  4. It clears my head and (in a small way) relieves stress in my life
  5. It forces me to learn how use new social media tools
  6. I can work on my storytelling abilities
  7. It’s my personal megaphone
  8. It makes me a contributor to my community
  9. It’s a diary of where my thinking is – and over time a reflection of where I have been in life
  10. It’s Free - nothing is free!
  11. It’s become a habit that I would miss if gone
  12. It makes my family proud
  13. I love to have people email me interesting things and say, “You might want to blog this.”
  14. I feel like I have something to say
  15. I have no plan but GOD does!
  16. I may inspire people I’ll never have a chance to meet
  17. I think that everything is NOT relative (if it were, then you always have an excuse)
  18. Blogs aren’t boring
  19. Once I know I can blog, then I won't be so afraid of Twitter
  20. Who knows how long it takes to get Great (or just good) at something, I'll start logging those hours now
  21. The world needs more faith in God, maybe I can spread a little
  22. I’m sometimes type A (grin)

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  1. Your new blog looks good :-) Its nice to see you guys are doing well!