November 28, 2009

A Hockey Family

Hockey is in his blood.

I come from a HOCKEY FAMILY.
My Dad and Uncle played ice hockey since they were kids, probably on some frozen pond back in Philly, and they still play ice and roller hockey. They taught their boys to play, (coached every team!) and now they all play together. I grew up going to hockey games all my life, at least two a week. I learned to make up skits and dances in the "warm" room while the boys were practicing or warming up. When the game started my sister, mother and I would cheer them on as if it were a yelling match (all good proper words, of course). My sister and I even brought pompoms to show our spirit. Our wardrobe was half hockey titled and we knew what food and restaurants we could beg for at each rink location (the orange Julius was a favorite at the Norwalk rink!).

As time went on we were lucky enough to have the chance to play ourselves. I me "us" as the GIRLS. My sister played, I played two or three seasons, and I hear that my mother played one time back when she and my father were dating. When we were good we would get to go see the KINGS! The Ducks were not around then, and it was at the Forum. We loved it!

My father (Pop-pop) is very excited to give Noah his first skating lessons. We even have skates waiting in the garage to fit his tiny feet! In order to get him accustomed to the Hockey atmosphere Pop-pop and I took Noah to his first NHL game.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Keeping warm

keeping active between periods

We had to leave during the third period because Noah was DONE. I can't believe he made it that long though! (hopefully the people around us will not hate kids forever)


We might be a HOCKEY family again some day. 




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  1. Our little Noah got to go to his very first ice hockey game!!....a professional game! Yay, can't wait to see little Noah in his first pair of skates on the ice, using a trash can holder to hold himself up as he skates!! OH, and Orange 3 kids loved them!!!

    ***Love NaNa!!