November 22, 2009

Do you FLY?

Have I ever mentioned that I am a perfectionist?

A little type A

I can spend (and have) 6 hours cleaning and only clean the front room. How dare you think that is because I am slow and play around too much. That is anything but the truth. I spend the entire time scraping the base boards with my finger nails, getting out a razor to clean every inch of the windows, wiping down the walls, spot cleaning the carpet, vacuuming and re-vacuuming (even the entire couch). You get the point right?

So, I realized recently that thought I spend all day cleaning...I only have found more things to clean. I am NEVER done! I am never getting to the good stuff on the to do list, like going through the junk draw, cleaning out the closet, making a better filing system for a million different things and cleaning my sink (not just the dishes in it).

This used to be Noah and I at bath time.

Maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration. Some of it is true. I still bathe Noah in the kitchen sink because it is easy on my back and saves water. I am lying though. It isn't just that, I also feel like I am double tasking when I can clean my dinner dishes and Noah can play in the bath at the same time. He doesn't know or care, the dishes and Noah aren't sharing the same water!

I was kindly advised to look at this website:

I began to FLY two weeks ago, after watching this video:
(its a little cheesy and exagerated, but it hits home to moms all over)

Now my sink looks like this

Yea, I know it is old, I know it isn't anything to brag about...

...on the other hand, it is something to brag about. It looks like this every night, and every moring. It makes me smile because it is so shiny it really does glissen.

It has no dishes in it

It has no scum

It smells like lemon from the lemon oil I shined it with

I am less stressed


Do you FLY?

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