August 14, 2010

34 Weeks

On Wed, August 11th we officially made it to 34 weeks!
Eric and I went to see my amazing OB/GYN Dr. Flora for an ultrasound and check up.

The ultrasound was beautiful. 
'I feel like it is the clearest reminder of the presence of our GOD. I completely believe the process of creating and making a baby from scratch is proof there is a GOD. How could anyone go through it and not believe? It is just NOT random or coincidence.' 
We were able to see Dean suck his thumb, kick his leggs (right on my side where I have been feeling his STRONG kicks for weeks), watch his heart beat strong, confirm he is still head down and we measured his cute little body. 

Dean was 5lbs!

At my appointment we talked about the birth and went through the typical check list. I lost a half pound over the last two weeks. Probably because I have been getting sick in the mornings again. I swear that I eat a ton even though I have only gained 15lbs. It always makes me a little worried when I am weighed because I want to make sure that the baby is getting what he needs and growing strong. Clearly since Dean is big and I am measuring a half cm larger, then everything is fine! (As I sit hear sipping a chocolate milkshake, Mmmmmm!)


There is some BAD news though. My cervix is shortening faster than is safe for baby at this point. That paired with my many Braxton Hix contractions and a LOT of pressure down there...means the unthinkable.


For two weeks I have to be sitting or lying down for 90% of the day.  Argh! I was really freaking out on Thursday and Friday. I just didn't understand how it is possible to raise a 2yr old, have a husband that works 24hr shifts, keep a household together, cook, clean, and put together an entire baby room (that we haven't even started working on) while lying down.

I have to say that I have the very best friends and family. Everyday so far I have gotten phone calls, emails and hands on help. For the next few days I have care for Noah, and DUKE (don't forget our first baby) and food!

Thank you to everyone who has offered help to us. I know we have a little ways to go and I WILL go crazy at some point, but I believe prayers are heard and answered and I can truly feel the love from all of you.  


It is only two weeks (Unless dr extends it)!

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  1. I know how you feel I also had the same problem and was put on bed rest during my first pregnancy.