August 12, 2010

Playing Daddy

Noah, future fireman

On a daily bases Noah plays with his fire trucks. He has two, this one in the picture and another one that rocks. Of course he has a million other, smaller fire trucks, engines and fireman toys, but his absolute favorite is this one given to us by a fellow fire fighter family, the Echan's.

Randomly but daily, Noah will come up to me and ask for his HELMET. Then he will look for his KEYS, usually he will put on daddy's sunglasses and watch, then he does the sweetest thing. Noah will come up to me, kiss me, say "bye mama!" then kiss my belly and say "by Dee" and start to walk away. The very BEST part...he always stops before he gets too far, turns around and says "Bye Mama, I go to Work" and then climbs in the fire truck and makes a siren noise as he pretends to drive away.
I just love how much he LOVES HIS DADDY!

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