September 1, 2010

Bed rest is OVER - 37 weeks today!

If pregnancy doesn't bring on enough uncontrollable emotions, just have your doctor put you on bed rest. It was such a huge struggle for me. In the beginning I was extrememly worried about Noah getting enough play time, Eric finishing the new boy's room (which actually hadn't been started), and of course the house in general (everyone knows I am very particular about what goes where and how things are cleaned and WHAT WE EAT!). So as the first few days went by I found that Noah was taken care of by our loving and giving friends and family. He had almost as much play time as normal, some days even more than usual. Eric started and finished the boy's room in just a few days and our friends and family made sure we had plenty of food. It sounds good right? Especially when my house was being cleaned by all the people coming over (thanks mostly to my sister-in-law Stephanie!).

It was anything but good though. I found that sitting all day (trying to be good and lying on my back as much as possible) is sickening. It makes you feel so useless, unneeded, lazy and tired. It makes sense why people who just sit around all day have no energy or appetite. If you don't move, accomplish things and get outside there is no reason for your body to actually work. I had to force myself to eat, often just to see it come up again. And the WORSE part of bed rest was when Noah would beg for me to hold him, when he would grab my hand and try to pull me up off the couch (in the very sweet way he does saying please and why not Mama?), and when he would be put to bed by someone else and stand in his crib screaming for Mama. It makes me cry just typing this. When your child can actually tell you what he wants and you can't give it to him (and when he should be able to have it) it breaks your heart.  ---this is one big reason I am all for sleep training early on, why fight a kid who can scream for you, say your name and make you feel aweful?---I digress.  Needless to say, we all survived the dreaded weeks of bed rest. My emotions too.

Today- Wednesday September 1st
I am 37 WEEKS!
*Baby is the size of a watermelon*
~6.5lbs according to Dr.~

At this point I can officially do anything I want (that is safe during pregnancy). I can exercise, shop, cook again, clean again...    NO RESTRICTIONS!

Oh the JOY I feel is amazing. Not just because baby is term, but because we made it to September! I didn't want an August birthday for little Dean. (That's a story for another post.) So tomorrow we go to the Dr and I'll give everyone an update on how we are progressing.


  1. How wonderful Lindsay! So glad to know you are free to move and do what you like now. You are almost to the end!

  2. SO happy are almost to the home stretch! And this mother/son it! xoxo

    Mom :)

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