January 14, 2010

Two Years Ago...

January of 2008 we were given a BIG SURPRISE!

I can remember SO clearly...my heart racing as I waited for the results. My only clues were my frequent trips to the restroom and my very strange cravings (mostly for french fries). The test was positive in only a few seconds and from then on we don't even remember what life was like only having to think for two. Noah was the best gift God ever gave us! I often think...how could he possibly give us more?

Yesterday, almost exactly the same date as two years ago...

Only seconds after the big reveal

I have tried to explain what is going on to Noah but he would rather play with his barn animals.

 I'm gonna be a big brother! Yay!                 What does this mean?                 Can I play with my Barn now?

 I get it... I get a playmate!!!!!

Early this morning we woke Nana and Pop-pop up to show them Noah's hand made shirt.

 Unfortunately Noah had a bad day (see previous post HERE for why). After vomiting three times we just couldn't take him over to Eric's parents house to reveal the BIG news. I felt awful about it, but it was just not fair to Noah...or them. So Eric and I made this blog entry and he (Eric) went to Grandma and Grandpa McCoy's house to pull up the blog and video. It ended up being a great way to tell them. I guess the only better way would have been to do it all together. We love you Grandma and Grandpa!

Some people don't like to spread the word too quickly that they are expecting. I understand the fear of loosing a baby. I was there for my sister when she went through it. I just don't think it would be any harder if people knew or any more or less sad. We are praying that this little (very little) bean sticks and holds strong! Come next September we will be able to celebrate:

Our 6 year anniversary (17th)
Noah's Birthday (19th)
My birthday (24th)


Baby #2 McCoy's Birth-day (due 9-24-2010)
(hopefully on his/her OWN day, I say the 14th!)


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! That is so wonderful! I'm so happy for you!!!!


  2. That is so wonderful! I'm not an emotional person and I got misty watching the video... that was such a great way to tell people. :) Congrats!

    ps- your family is ridiculously adorable/good looking. I will be watching for you all in gap ads soon :)

  3. That is such a great video! I love his reaction and your mom's face in the pictures--PRICELESS!

  4. The 14th is a great day to be born! thats my mom's birthday and shes the greatest lady i know! new baby mccoy would be a great partner for that birthday :) congrats for you two, Sean and I are both SOOOOOO excited for you :)

  5. I am so happy for you guys. That is so exciting!!!!


  6. Yeah!! I knew it was coming. I had a feeling at Lynne's shower!! I just tweeted your video because of the adorable Lid. I'm so thankful of the Lid support :) REALLY!!!

  7. Oh Lindsay! What a thrill. Just got up to speed with the news! You are so creative with all the great ways to announce it to your hubby and family. The pictures of your mom are priceless!!! So sweet. Congratulations to all of you. You couldn't have timed it any better either! Congrats congrats congrats! I'm very excited for you.