January 13, 2010

Not so PRETEND after all

When you have a Daddy who is a Firefighter everyone assumes that you will be a Firefighter too. Is that wrong? I mean, Firemen are pretty darn COOL. After all, they're HEROS! At this point in Noah's life, we do a lot of hoping, praying, playing and pretending.

Where better to pretend at then Pretend City? And who better to pretend to be a Firefighter with then the future Fireman Porter Fasullo (bet you've already guessed his daddy is a Fireman too).

And no, we didn't place them in their destined positions on purpose. It is just meant to be. Ha ha ha.
For those who don't know, Porter is sitting in the Engineer position and Noah, the Captain seat.

They played on stage. We attempted to put costumes on them. They played with the musical instuments. We attempted to set lighting and music for a real stage performance. They ran off...we were ready for a show.

Oh well, cars are always the better option for Noah.

The two places that kept the kids attention for a long time were the grocery store and the water area. Noah really enjoyed filling the basket with vegitables and mustard jars. When I could finally pull him away from the tomatoes and strawberries he thought a peice of meat was his real life lunch. After all the hundreds of hands that touch the food...I was running for hand sanitizer!

With two boys who love water, in every form, it wasn't a surprise to see them enthrawled with splashing and playing with the water toys.

The day was a total success!

That was until two days later when both these boys woke up in vomit. GREAT! My hand sanitizer attemps weren't succesful. I keep thinking of things I should have or could have done to prevent Noah (and Porter) from getting sick. When in reality...no mom is fast enough to keep every single item out of their kids mouth. So I guess I need to keep praying the items that make it in the mouth are the ones NOT contaminated with BAD, UGLY, SICKLY germs!

Pretend City sent us home with a not so pretend gift. =(

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  1. Poor Noah and Porter! Sounds like a fun day though anyway :) and the picture of Noah in the fire helmet is so cute! Future captain for sure!