January 4, 2010

Date Day!

Catalina Hike

Stephen, Stephanie, Trisha, Justin, Me, Eric, Rob and Jessica
About 1/4 of the way into the hike

Saturday 1/2/2010 Eric and I left Noah with Grandma and Grandpa McCoy so we could take the ferry to Catalina with some friends. For some "unstated" reason...we were up WAY TOO EARLY to catch the ferry. Stephen and Stephanie came along with us early birds. It was cold! On the plus side, we saw at least 3 or 4 whales on our way over. The Captain stopped the ferry and followed them for a while. They were beautiful. I wasn't strong enough to brave the cold for a picture. sorry.

After a warm breakfast at Pete's the sun began to peek out,  a bird played target shooting with Stephen, and then we met up with the 5 others who were lucky enough to take the later ferry at 8:15am
(I won't tell you how early we had to be up).

We hiked a trail Eric picked. It was sunny, around 70 degrees, the air was crisp in the shade and burning in the sun. We all were having a wonderful time together.
Especially Eric and Rob. =)

I am so very thankful for a strong husband who is always willing to carry my weight. I would have been miserable if this was a picture of my back.

At the peak we rested for a few minutes. I snaped some shots of the vegtitation and veiws down to the shore while the love birds (Rob and Jessica) shared a quiet moment. There is something special about being in good company and beautiful surroundings, it is so refreshing. If only Noah were there it may have been perfect!

 It was so nice to finally spend some time with Trisha and Justin Flemming.

The view of Avalon from half way up the trail.

The trail ends, we take a lunch break and we take walk through the botanical gardens.

On the walk back to the shore we were lucky enough to see a fox on the golf course.
The species of foxes that live on Catalina are endangered so we were all excited to see one.

The rest of the evening involved cold beer and lots of food. If it wasn't for my BAD choice in taking everyone to the Buffalo Nickle, we all would have ended the evening in high spirits. Unfortunately the Buffalo Nickle is fairly boring and dead during the off season and by the time we finished dinner everyone was MORE than ready to catch the ferry home.

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