December 13, 2009

Loving My Family

Today was a busy day. I feel like I must have done more today than I usually do in a week. Don't worry, I am not about to bore you with my to-do-list accomplishments. What I am doing is telling you a little bit about why I love my family.

Our son is 15 months. He is a hand full in the greatest way. Over the last few days he has been perfecting his walking abilities. He is no pro, but he is doing messy house proves it! Noah walks like a drunkard. He wobbles, trips often, he walks right through things and forgets to duck under others. One thing he does do well is walking straight to mama for hugs, often. I love it!

This is DUKE. You all probably forgot we had a dog. I used to be obsessed with him and even used his photo for our Christmas card one year. Well, I am still obsessed. Duke is the very best dog. He likes to sleep...and sleep but more than anything, he LOVES his ball and to play fetch. So, even though he is sometimes slobbery, (sorry Kevin for the slobber attack at the station today) he is still the very best dog and one of my best friends!

It doesn't hurt that he is super loving and adorable either.

I have had a few nightmares lately. I am sure many (probably most) moms have them. The kind that involve your children being injured or worse. It is the most horrible thing to dream of. Eric always reminds me that it is my fear of loosing the good things in my life and it has no hold on what will happen. I know that's true, but sometimes is just feels so real. Noah is truly the most kind, sweet and sensitive little guy and that makes me worry even more.

God, please protect Noah's little (big) heart. I know he will have to feel pain some day both physical and emotional. I just ask you to hold it in your hands and use all my fears for his benefit. Help him to be strong when he needs to be, help him to stand up for what is right and to show others your love. Lord, I pray you mold him to be a REAL man and learn from his father. Please keep his beautiful body safe and healthy. Please prepare my heart and and my head for all that he will do in life...I know it will be great!

I am sorry it was such a cold evening, your little red nose and unhappy face just make me want to hug you.

No matter how busy we are (like my day today)...I love my family!

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