December 29, 2009

Celebrating Christ's Birth

Christmas Eve at Nana and Pop-pop's was amazing! After Christmas Eve service at church we all enjoyed the evening together with kielbasa, wine, dinner, wine, desert, wine and wine. =)  Nana has always made a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner but this year, the consensus was, it was the best cooking yet! We had a turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, hominy grits, golabkis, green bean casserole, peas, fresh rye bread, gravy, mom's famous stuffing that has the entire kitchen in it (but not the sink), cranberries, all the other fixings I can't remember...and the most delicious home made kruschicki cookies, pumpkin and apple pies! Oh yummmmy!

Thankfully Grandma and Grandpa McCoy came (they usually join us for Christmas Eve). This reminds me to be thankfull that both my parents and my in-laws get along well and enjoy eachother's company! What a blessing that is and what a sweet blessing they are to us!

...before the BIG mess!

After dinner we played a few rounds of Apples to Apples, said goodbye to the guests, changed into our onsie pj's (yes, all of us) and watched some good old family videos.

Christmas Morning and an entire room of presents!
(there were 9 of us there...not all of these were for little Bean)

Learning to open his first present. That wasn't too exciting for him, after this picture he just wanted to climb up and down the stairs all morning. really? That was more fun than opening gifts? At least it kept him busy. I don't have high expectations for next Christmas...just for him to excitedly open one gift.

Christmas Morning, after ALL THOSE PRESENTS WERE OPENED, Pop-pop cooks breakfast. Let me tell you, if you have high colesterol (like I do) or if you are on any kind of diet...STAY AWAY! Pop-pop makes Polish Platskis or potato pancakes, bacon, sasage, and big omlets for everyone. Breakfast usually has a sizzling sound while cooking. This sound has two effects, it makes the food taste really yummy, but it tends to put my brother and sister to sleep. So with much begging and prying from couches I can sometimes get them to chop an onion or shredd cheese. This year...we were blessed with the wonderful help of my sister-in-law Stephanie. And great help it was!

The line up

The Head Cook

The Snacker

The Background Music

The Preggo and her loving Hubby
(Mmmmm I see that mamosa you have there!)

Ahhhh...what a nice Christmas it was!

And I am so embarrassed to say that after much more excitement, tons more family, many more gifts, and AMAZING home made enchiladas from the Papazians at Aunt Kathy's house...I only have the following pictures to share. I guess I was having to much fun for photography. At least you get to see Noah and his NEW Billabong Jacket.

New Jacket = New Attitude

Playing with Dada

Noah loves the "Baa" ball. He spent the first half of our evening on Aunt Kathy and Uncle George's Pickleball Court chasing the Baa's

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