December 7, 2009

Free Days at Knott's Berry Farm!

Until Dec 20th Knott's Berry Farm is offering free admission for Police and Fire Personnel!
2009 Deal

Eric, Noah and I decided to take advantage of this great offer. We met our good friends the Fasullos with friend Kate, the Tweets (including the very pregnant and glamorous Natalie), as well as Matt and Nathan Kabota to explore the possibilities this theme park could offer a family with little ones.

The kiddie section is great! Just about all the rides were suitable for little ones (2 and under). Though Eric's knees were screaming, he put on a happy face and rode every ride with Noah. It may not look it, but I promise Noah was happy!

Last year I slacked on taking the "first Santa picture". I know, bad mom. Honestly, time just flew by and Noah was so tiny last year...I hadn't made it to a mall...actually, I don't know that I have been to a mall since Noah was born! So there are my excuses. This year, we made it to see Santa Clause.

Before Daddy Leaves

(Daddy handing Noah a snack to try and keep his attention off the BIG man in the RED suit with the SCARY beard)

Though food is usually a great distraction for our GOOD eater...
...this time it didn't work!

Another great shot of Noah and his friend PORTER

The day flew by and it got chilly, but we stayed to watch the lighting of the Tree.

Noah stood watching the song/dance on stage while holding onto my pant leg. It took me a second to realize he was gone, then I noticed he decided to walk up to the stage. All of us stood there watching him as he stared up at the stage, walked towards it, walked between other people, zombie like, and didn't even sway or stumble for at least 15 feet! We talked about that for the rest of the night. He is almost 15 months and still only walking on very rare occations. This was one of the first.

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  1. This was such a great day! I loved seeing Noah walk up to that stage but the best part was the proud smile (and amazement) on you and Eric's faces! Priceless! Love you guys!