August 30, 2011


We went to the Splash Pad!

Aunti B and Hunter Rose were there

On the drive Dean fell a sleep and transfered to the stroller where he selpt for another 45 minutes. If you know Dean, you know this is unheard of for Dean. He doesn't sleep anywhere but his crib. It was a very nice break and gave Noah plenty of time to get used to the water by himself. If you know Noah, that is just what the Dr ordered. He requires extra time to test "the waters" alone. He can't be forced, cant be talked into, just need some time to prepare himself. So God gave him a little extra time today.

 That face makes a MOM happy!

Testing out the water

He got comfortable...

Don't worry, this girl had some fun too

 Then Dean woke up and the real fun began!

The three musketeers 

Dean machine doesn't require much time to prepare for things. He just jumps right it!


What you can't see from pictures is the length of time we were there. Two hours of outdoor fun, sunshine, water, torture from your big brother...all this on only an hour morning nap (when you usually sleep 2.5hrs) = A TIRED BABY WHEN WE LEAVE!

Both boys took a LONG nap after this fun day!

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