March 1, 2011

Caught You!

Noah is so sweet and innocent. I know this won't last forever,  but he is the most honest boy. If he is doing something he shouldn't, it usually only last a few minutes (or seconds) before he will come show me what he did and say sorry. For example, he found a "candy" of Eric's and decided he would chew it. It was actually a Zicam chewable cold lozenge. After sinking his teeth in it he ran over, gave it to me and said sorry about ten times. Like the time he colored with his marker on his play table then came to tell me he needs a time out. Or if you catch him doing somthing, he will stop, hand "it over" or change what he is doing (going from poking Dean in the eye to hugging and kissing him) to make your heart melt. He has a face he makes when he is caught red handed.

Here he was just playing in the sand (throwing sand all over himself), I called his name and he thought he was going to get in trouble... just happened to be time to take our table at the restaurant. But I'm glad I caught his face on camera. It is so cute how he bites his bottom lip and smiles at the same time.

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