January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010

 Another New Year's Eve PAJAMA Party at the Roger's house.

This year was full of adventures that included camping, river trips, Hawaii, Palm Desert, Big Bear, a leaking roof, many many Beach trips, surfing, stand up paddle trips, a handsome new bundle of joy DEAN, Noah turned 2, 5 Years in our house, 6 years of marriage, Eric turned 30, we said bye bye to our home office, welcoming a beautiful niece Hunter Rose, countless days (and nights) cooking yummy food, blogging, selling homes, loving JESUS, and enjoying our wonderful family. 

Just about every night Eric tells me, "our life is crazy...and I LOVE it!"

I agree, it truly has only gotten better each year!

With that, I can't wait for 2011

All the kids.
Every year this couch get more and more full of adorable kiddos. If the Fasullos and Woodalls were able to make it we would have had to use both couches for the photo. 
I love it. We make them too cute!

 Kim and Jared (and baby Connor). Kim is so adorable, her skinny little legs barely balance her HUGE tummy. She honestly doesn't look pregnant from the back. Its so cute. LOVE her!

 Dean was perfect, just hung out in the car seat while all the rowdy older children ran wild around him.

The three new additions from 2010.

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