January 16, 2011

Good friends and a beach BBQ

Last week we met our wonderful friends, The Fasullo Family at Doheny State Beach for an impromptu BBQ and some play time. We love our friends and we are blessed to both have sweet children who also love each other. God really knew we needed friends like them!

 Getting right to the important issues... aren't Dean and Harper the two cutest babies ever? They give me butterflies with excitement to just hold and kiss them.
These babies are such an amazing blessing!

These two little babes are just three weeks apart. Both are EASY (now that they have taken to a schedule), both have heart melting SMILES, both have hypnotizing BABY BLUE EYES, and both give the most loving, warm CUDDLES!

Eric and Nick took turns handling the BBQ

We ate some hot dogs, chicken, carrots, chips...the randomness of our collection of food didn't seam to matter to a group of hungry families busy playing and chasing kids. Literally, chasing kids, with two year olds learning their boundaries at a large beach and park.

Aren't my boys adorable? Dean was tired, swaddled and ready for a nap, but we couldn't pass up this beautiful sunset photo opp!  Noah is in an anti-photo stage. If I say smile, he frowns.

See what I mean about Noah's anti-photo stage, it makes for some really great photos!

*Porter must be thinking, "you are weird"

Porter Fasullo, 2 years 4 months old

 The boys love their Papa's!
  Eric and Noah

 Nick and Porter

The Lord gave us this beautiful day and we soaked in all the joy it brought!

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