April 20, 2012

Our Growing Family

 These boys are so special. There is nothing that can perfectly describe what they mean to Eric and I. They are both extremely loving, kind, caring, thoughtful, funny and just too cute. I love their eyes, their tiny little bodies, their still chubby hands, their amazingly strong hugs and the way they make eachother laugh. Life is so great with these two.  Noah is 3 years 7 months, Dean is 19 months. They are at such a fun age. Every day I thank God for the joy they bring us.

In fact, its so great we thought...lets have another!
 Big Brother Dean and Bigger Brother Noah

 Silly Noah thinks this means he is just bigger. Bigger. That's all. Ha ha ha!

 Grandpa and Big brother Dean when we announced the good news

Nummy and her Noah. They love each other.

Coming December 19th 2012
Baby McCoy #3
Gender unknown

Please keep us in your prayers. This baby has a lot of growing to do, I guess so do I! 

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