February 4, 2012

Just Like Daddy

Eric's Engine company went to Noah's preschool on Friday. It is Community Helper Month. Noah ran up to Eric screaming with excitement. He imediately shouted to his class that this was his daddy, he is a Firefighter! Noah instructed everyone to come outside with him and his daddy to see the Fire Engine. Noah was SO PROUD!

This picture shows Noah looking up at his daddy while he was talking to the class about the Engine. Noah looks just as proud as he sounded that day. He looks like his father. This is a look I hope we can see from him every day.  Noah sure loves his dad. Little does he know, he is already more like daddy then he thinks.

Notice his hand in the picture?

That hand is in a position I get angry at Eric for making in EVERY DARN PHOTO! I hate the way he makes that clasp with his thumb and pointer finger. For years it bothered me...but now,

...I kinda love it!

 Here is Noah and the 9 other students in his class with the firemen.

 The kids loved when Cane dressed in his turnouts and put his BA on

Cane is "like a giant" according to one student

 Ava loved her badge

All the children (yes, all) wanted hugs when it was time to go back to the classroom. Joice was so cute with her little tights on and BIG Cane giving her a hug goodbye.

 There they go...the little young toddlers watched with wide eyes and smiles as the Engine drove away with lights and siren blaring loud.

***I am so embarrased by my pictures. I just bought a new lens and clearly had my settings way off. Don't judge. =)

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