October 20, 2011

Tanaka Farms In Fall

 That's the best picture I get with a 3yr old, a 1yr old...and a mustached hubby.

 The farm was larger then I had imagined. It offered too many shaped and sized pumpkins to choose from. But it was a quite fun for Noah to run around and point out all the small (baby) ones, broken, smashed and rotten ones. Why didn't he want to point out the many beautiful ones, large ones, amazingly warted ones?

Dean Machine hung out in the stroller for a while, he was happy as can be.

Why don't kids smile when told? Isn't that what they are supposed to do? Ok, ok, I know they are cute no matter if they are smiling or not. Fuzzy head. He is stinkin cute!

Ha ha ha, can you tell I bribed Noah to smile in this picture below?

 We met our good friends, the Snyders. Isn't their son Cole adorable?

Cole is about to turn 2. He was a perfect example of a two year old boy. He was sweet and smiley.

He was kind and gentle.

Even more so than Noah, who is very afraid of goats.
(traumatized from our last visit to Zumar's Farm)

Its amazing what your hubby will do when he becomes a dad. Before kids, he would laugh at all the people popping their heads through the holes of these boards. Now look at him. Happy as can be, with his two boys, his best friend and son. Silly!

Cole is thinking...you said I was a perfect 2 yr old. Just wait!

We took a wagon and tractor ride to and from the petting zoo. 
(Four good looking guys right there!)

Dean, he is good looking too. He is in a new phase that includes clapping at everything he does. Good or not good, he will clap his way around anything.  

 These two are wild. But they had a great time together!

Over all the night was great.  The kids got exercise and a new experience, Dads and Moms connected and enjoyed fellowship with friends, fresh air for all and a great dinner to fill our tummy's.  

The wonderful things you don't see pictured are, Cole throwing and kicking pumpkins and trying to run away, Noah throwing two fits over hand sanitizer, both toddlers screaming and climbing all over the piles of hay and pumpkins, me with a migraine and Noah peeing his pants. Don't you love how perfect life seems through the eye of the lens. I guess I shouldn't ruin it by telling the truth. SMILES!

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  1. Great pics, Linds! So fun to see your boys growing. Miss you!